Our Heritage

As a result of Mr. Gholamreza Miri family background in Saffron, he established his company by the name of “Reza Saffron” in 1968. Theretofore, shopkeepers used to sell saffron in bulk and in inappropriate unclean papers such as newspaper or cardboards. for the first time he started to sell saffron in pre-weighed suitable packages.

After 26 years of career, Mr. Miri, Established “Edman Saffron Agro Export Co.” Edman means “Continues and Endless Performing“, which perfectly aligned with company’s values and vision. The dreams and goals of a peasant who started his career from 50 years ago is still continuing and transferred to the 3rd generation of the company.

Why us?

  • Over 50 years of experience in supplying the Iranian best pure Saffron across the world.
  • Long family history in saffron.
  • Located at the heart of saffron production of the world.
  • Gholamreza Miri as the founder and CEO of the company is also the Chief of the “Mashhad Union of Saffron Sellers “, “Union of Saffron Exporters” and the Deputy of “National Council of Saffron”, which are the most prominent entity regarding saffron business in Iran.
  • We at Edman, access the full supply chain.

Because of our long family history in saffron production and born and live at the heart of saffron cultivation of the world, we have the full access to the supply chain from the farm to our end-user.

Cross-country sending

We have provided the infrastructure in order to send our products as soon as possible.

Secure Payment

Secure payment method is everyone’s concern. We know that and we have provided with the best payment methods.


Our support team in Edman is always trying to deliver what is best for our customers.

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